About Us

WWMM was started after realizing that Washington is missing a legitimate car club for modern Mopar owners. Many of the surrounding areas have great car clubs that provide a home to Mopar owning car enthusiasts, and there are many great online groups that have members all throughout Washington, however none of them are run as true car clubs.

After attending the 2015 edition of SoCalLX’s Springfest in California, and being part of the great club atmosphere there, the decision was made to start a club that can provide the same for our area.

The choice to make WWMM a club vs a more loosely organized facebook-based group was a simple one – it allows us to provide a lot more to our members. Having a core group of officers who drive everything behind the club, makes sure ongoing club related activities run smoothly, which makes for a better experience for all our members by making sure our members’ needs are met. It also lets us, as a club, work out deals with preferred vendors and offer better deals and discounts to our club members.

We are always looking for new members to add to our ever growing family, which as of August 2015 has topped 100 members. If you know of anybody who would make a good addition to our club, please refer them to our website and have them sign up.